A bright SUNFAN car!

The company Chechen Mineral Waters continues its vehicle branding campaign as part of the large advertising project involving corporate vehicles. Today the company fleet comprises over 50 trucks.

Vehicle branding turns regular trucks into unconventional and conspicuous advertising media. A bright SUNFAN car stands out among the traffic flow and will sure attract the looks of pedestrians, passengers and drivers. Obviously it's hard to miss an ad posted on the car moving ahead of you. The company plans to complete branding of the whole fleet with TM SUNFAN and VEDUCHI by the end of August 2017.


The company "Chechen Mineral Waters" received a certificate!

The company "Chechen Mineral Waters" received a certificate for compliance with the international system FOOD SAFETTY SYSTEM CERTIFICATION 22000.


Chechen Mineral Waters has prepared two novelties for the fans of cold tea TM "STOM"!

In the first month of summer the company Chechen Mineral Waters has prepared two novelties for the fans of cold tea TM "STOM". The line of all famous natural teas has been expanded with the products - black tea with black currant and black tea with tropical fruits. This product will be available in a limited PET series with a volume of 0.92L. An updated design of both teas makes them easily recognizable on the shelf. Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the unique tastes of cold teas TM "STOM"!

The magnificent summer taste of black currant perfectly complements the soft, slightly spicy taste of black tea. The fresh aroma of currant accentuates the natural taste of the drink. The taste of black currant, as if just picked up in the garden - a taste that we all remember from childhood.

Tropical trio-mango, passion fruit and pineapple add their unique notes to the melody of classic cold black tea. The juicy sweetness of pineapple, the intense sourness of passion fruit and the delicate fragrant note of mango turn the moderate cold black tea into an original tropical mix.


The novelty of 2017 – PLUM-FLAVORED KVAS TM "Vainakh".

For Russian people kvass is a drink as traditional as cider and lemonade for the French, citrus juices for the Italians or beer for and for Englishmen and Germans. Russian kvass is one of the best drinks. As to its taste and nutritional qualities it has no match. Invented more than a thousand years ago, kvass has enjoyed a well-deserved popularity to the present days. But time does not stand still, and the company Chechen Mineral Waters offers you to try the novelty of 2017 – PLUM-FLAVORED KVAS TM "Vainakh" - rich, sweet, refreshing drink which has no analogues in Russia. Natural plum kvass produced by live fermentation is made on the basis of plum juice and rye malt. Kvass is supplied in 2 package types: 0.5L and 1.5 L PET bottles. The design of classic kvass label has harmoniously complemented the general series.