Water extraction

Water extraction

Flowing freely under gravity form the source the water comes to water capitation – special ground water collection facilities which protect it from any external influence. By means of piping the water comes from capitation facilities to the plant. Due to the difference in elevations the water flows freely by gravity and no pumps are used. The bottling line is located right in the mountains which facilitates the process and ensures purity of product with no external effect.

Due to its incredibly balanced composition Sernovodskaya water needs no artificial improvement or treatment. All the way from well to bottle the water goes through only ordinary mechanical filters that relieve of from particles of sand and rocks. Filtered water undergoes UV-disinfection process and then proceeds to bottling stage. Thus it takes the water 6-8 minutes to reach the bottle. This is how we ensure that Sernovodskaya water preserves its unique properties given by nature.

The low-temperature
mineral water

The low-temperature mineral water is extracted from well no.80/0 from sands tone soil of Chokrak underground reservoir in the Black mountains area. This reservoir locatedat 400-700 m above sea level is filled with atmospheric and surface waters which then move to the north and, forced by hydrostatic pressure,come up to the surface in the area of Sernovodsk at the level of 310-330 m above sea level.

The water well was bored in 1930’s and its depth amounts to 35-50 m. The water is flowing freely, its temperature reaching 24-29°C at the output. While moving under the ground the waters under go complex physic-chemical processes as a result of which they get enriched with specific therapeutically active components which makes the water mineral. All the springs of Sernovodsk water deposit have been thoroughly inspected during 70-80’s by the Pyatigorsk Institute of Health Resort Science and Physiotherapy.

The water sourceis used for production of therapeutic potable waters as per technical regulations and applicable legislations.

Analysis and chemical assessment of water composition was performed by the laboratory for physio chemical analysis of mineral waters and therapeutic muds of FGU “Pyatigorsk State Research Institute of Health Resort FMBA of Russia” in accordance with the requirements of GOST 13273-88 Drinking medicinal and medicinal-table mineral waters, SanPiN Hygienic requirements for safety and quality of raw material and food products.